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My Mean Crush Episode 3

It looked like he had no intentions of letting go of my hand, so I chuckled and slowly drew it away

“nice meeting you Blair” he said and went back to the car, I turned to see Daisy’s mouth wide open


“that was one of Brian’s besties, don’t tell me you don’t know him, OMG he touched your hand”

“what’s so special about it, not like it was Brian”

“I’m so jealous”

“common, I think the show is about to start” I said and we walked towards the main hall

it was so crowded that we were trying to squeeze ourselves in

suddenly I heard screams

I looked up to see Brian on stage with Barry and another guy

a lot of people lifted up boards,

some had Brian’s picture

some was ” I love you Brian”

people really worship this guy and it gets to his head

some were trying to touch him on stage

” don’t you think we’re actually lucky to be schooling with him” Daisy said

“Yah that’s why there are rules in school, you don’t petch on him like a fly once you see him” I said.


The show started, they sang like two love songs then a hip hop

the crowd went wild

He looked so hot and I wonder if I actually stand a chance. Finally the show was over another of his songs played from the background again.

We were about entering the car when Daisy saw her boyfriend

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she jumped on him in the name of hug, they talked to each other for a while then she came to me

“sorry Barbie, I have somewhere to go with Henry call me when you get home”

“okay have fun” I said and she ran off to him again

I got into the car and tried turning it on but it didn’t make any sound

don’t tell me its spoilt, I went down to check like I even know how to

I was just touching some wires when numerous cars drove pass in a line all black

suddenly one stopped and the rest did too

Barry stepped out, he walked towards me ” hey are you having a problem with your ride”

“Yah I think so” I said trying hard not to stammer

“do you mind joining us” he said and I heard a loud bang in my head

just then Brian stepped out of the car, everyone screamed and started running to him but securities surrounded him

” Barry what the hell are you doing” he said and turned to me, I felt uncomfortable under his eyes

“I just wanted to give her a ride”

“what? You expect me to share a car with her”

“there are a lot of cars”

“your unbelievable Barry, you stopped all the cars just for a commoner”

did he just call me a commoner

I turned to see everyone with their phones, this is so embarassing

” why are you being so difficult Brian, just this once”

“don’t bother I’ll take a cab home” I finally said

“Yah you should” he said and got back in the car , my heart crushed into pieces

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” I’m so sorry” Barry said and got back in the car, they drived away

all eyes was on me, I got back in the car, I turned the keys and it went on

I felt like screaming out of my lungs, what the hell was wrong with it in the first place.

Barry’s pov

My phone rang and I picked it up it was mom

“hi mom”

“baby? Can you come over to the beach house there’s something urgent I need to tell you ”

“okay I’ll be there” I said and she hanged up, the car was quiet I was still mad at Barry for thinking he could give some cheap slot a ride in my car. We arrived at my house but I didn’t step down

” I have somewhere to go” I said looking at my phone

“where are you going dude” Jason asked

“mom wants to meet me at the beach house”

Barry just stepped down without saying a word

he can’t be mad at me because of a girl he just met.

The driver turned heading to the beach, I couldn’t help but wonder what she wants to say.

I arrived there but there was no sign of her

the ocean breeze was strong and cold

” hi handsome” I turned to see Anna

“what? where is my mom”

“I have no idea” she said coming closer

is this a set up or what

“I missed you” she said and kissed my lips

I couldn’t resist.




And here comes Anna

looks like Blair is gonna have a real rival.

My Mean Crush Episode 5

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