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Nigerian Girl Shares Expertise With Aged Man On Her Road

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Nigerian Girl Shares Expertise With Aged Man On Her Road

A girl took to social media to share an expertise with an aged man who lives near her avenue.

She narrated that since she was 8, the person has at all times referred to her as his spouse and repeatedly ask if she was nonetheless a virgin.

Sharing her story by way of Fb platform, LifeCases, she stated;

“There’s this man who lives very near my avenue and at any time when I move, he’d seek advice from me as “my spouse”.

This has been taking place since I used to be a small youngster of about 8 years previous.

Since I completed college and got here residence to work, he now says – “my spouse”…. Then after I smile, he’d ask me – “I hope you’re ‘nonetheless a virgin.”

He’s very near my dad and at any time when I report back to my father about it, he’ll simply smile and can by no means say something critical in regards to the matter.

Till a day got here, I used to be passing with my dad and he repeated the identical factor “my spouse I hope you’re nonetheless a virgin”. To my shock, my father smiled with him and didn’t transfer a muscle.

I started to shout for the person and my father attacked me. Requested me to go away the place instantly and cease being disrespectful. I used to be confused. How can a father behave this fashion along with his personal daughter?

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It has been operating by my thoughts until simply three weeks in the past when my father woke me up in the midst of the night time, telling me how the person’s son needs him to journey to the UK to satisfy him, and he needs to marry me instantly earlier than touring with me (His spouse is lifeless).

What got here out of my mouth was Tufia. That is somebody that’s sufficiently old to be my grandfather. And proper now I’ve actually misplaced all of the respect I’ve for my dad”.

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