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Why Deeper Life Began Utilizing Tv, Social Media, Others – Pastor Kumuyi

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Why Deeper Life Began Utilizing Tv, Social Media, Others – Pastor Kumuyi

The Basic Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has revealed why the church modified its exhausting stance on the usage of tv, radio, social media and different technological innovations to propagate the gospel.

Giving rationalization, the preacher mentioned that ‘depraved folks’ are utilizing the provisions of expertise to advance their agenda, therefore, the church can not proceed ‘sleeping’ however should ‘get up’ and use the identical expertise for Gospel’s sake.

The 80-year-old church chief spoke in a video uploaded on Sunday through Fb by the Ekiti State chapter of the church.

Within the five-minute and 16-second video, Kumuyi regrated that the church was a latecomer in profiting from technological instruments.

“Why are you the latecomer, why are you the one to be the final to make use of all this stuff that the individuals are utilizing to make the world worse, we’re going to stand up.

“Something on the disposal of the folks which can be doing evil, we’re going to take it away from them and use it for the propagation of the gospel. Let your NO be modified to YES,” he declared.

Earlier, Kumuyi, whose church members have been recognized to detest tv, and different devices, mentioned, “Individuals are getting new strategies and they’re doing evil. These are the final days and evil is rising worse as a result of folks transcend utilizing their pure strengths, pure expertise, they use telephones, they use the media, they use all these connections, the Zoom and all this stuff to increase the evil they’re doing.

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“If these messengers of Devil are utilizing the present-day expertise and they’re increasing, how about you? You’ll use these issues out there; they don’t seem to be solely out there for messengers who do evil, they’re out there for the folks which can be doing good. You’ll use them.

“The church has been asleep. When radio started some years in the past, folks didn’t perceive how voices could be popping out of a radio, and so the church at the moment mentioned, ‘No, we can not use radio, there’s something there that’s magical, that’s demonic, voice popping out from only a gadget?’ The church mentioned no. Then, the folks of the world started to make use of the radio. Then the church awakened.

“When tv got here, any person someplace performing drama, they see him on the display screen after which the church mentioned, ‘That is evil, these are the final days, take a look at them, bringing photos on the display screen and no matter they’re doing someplace’. And the church mentioned, ‘No, we’re not going to make use of that’ however later they awakened and they’re now utilizing the tv.

“However now the church is waking up and we’re seeing that that factor (expertise) is to unfold the gospel, for the phrase of God will get all over the place. We will probably be wiser than the folks of the world. The Lord will wake us up.”

Kumuyi, who had been criticised final September for utilizing a non-public jet and limousine to a campaign in Abuja, mentioned, “Some folks, when the aeroplane got here, some folks mentioned, ‘We aren’t doing to make use of aeroplane’ and so they have been using on horses. The bicycle got here and so they mentioned. ‘God has given us legs and if He has given us legs, why are we going to make use of bicycles?’

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“Bikes got here, automotive got here and when the aeroplane got here, they mentioned, ‘God has given us the land; He has not given us the area and so all these people who find themselves utilizing aeroplane are worldly, are going to go to hell’. I’m telling you what they mentioned in these days however now, all these folks, aeroplane has silenced them and now they will go anyplace.”

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